Study OpenTap's WPFGUI

Your WPFGUI is exquisitely crafted. I would like to improve my WPF technology and learn some GUI techniques from you. Can you share the source code of your GUI for reference? Thank you very much

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Hi @linze and welcome to the forum.

The code for Test Automation Editor is protected under a commercial license, so we cannot share it with you.

Feel free to check out our open-source code at OpenTAP · GitHub and our resources about OpenTAP.

Hi Rolf
Can we tell Linze which graphical framework was used to create the UI?

Bill W.

Sure, but actually there is not much to tell.

It is mostly just standard C# / WPF, the amount of third party frameworks or libraries we use is very limited. Those can be found under Dependencies in the installation folder.

OK, thank you for your reply. My field of work is China Semiconductor Testing, and I am also a beginner in WPF and C #. I just saw some creative places on the opentap GUI, such as nodes of steps and tasks, Progress bar, and I want to apply them to my ideas