Visual Studio CE 2022

Hi Everyone
Will OPENTAP work with Visual Studio CE 2022 ? Can I migrate my OpenTAP project over from CE 2019 ?

Thanks Andy

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Hi Andy,

OpenTAP works fine with VS 2022, but we haven’t migrated the C# templates (project, test step, …) yet, so if you can live without I think you’ll be fine.


Thanks Rolf , when I said migrate I meant copy and paste anyway :yum:

regards Andy


I am new to OpenTap and as I also have VS2022, I would like to be in the loop as to when the templates are ported over. I’m sure I will learn how to code the plugins directly in the meantime and won’t need the templates in the long run, but please let us know when that functionality has been ported over to VS 2022.



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