The Open Source Path to Effortless Automation

Today we launched part 1 of a video series focusing on the journey of adopting OpenTAP within your organization. Some of you here on the forum are already well on your way along this journey, and may even find some aspects of the series inspired by conversations we have had over the years.
The hope is that with this series, we can show people the similarities in concerns and pressures we all have, as well as how they can be addressed to truly transform your automation with OpenTAP.

Even if you view yourself as well on your way, we hope the videos serve as a tool to help communicate with others.

Along with these, we have also kicked off a series of Technical Lightning Videos to help your development process: Lightning Videos - YouTube

Look out for more over the next few months


Episode 2:


Episode 3:


Episode 4:

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Episode 5:

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