TUI editor freeze issue

Hi all, I’m tryng to use first time the TUI editor. I am seeing this issue: when I try to insert a new test step (F2 key) the editor seems to be totally freezed . No other key can be used, I can’t choose any other option.
The only solution is get out from the window and open it again.

Hi pirrerav, welcome to the forum!

I haven’t seen this TUI issue before. Can you post the output of tap package list -i ?
Are you on Windows or Linux?

Hi Alexander, thanks for the reply!
I’m using Windows 10. This is the command output

C:\Program Files\OpenTAP>tap package list -i
CSV - 9.11.0+98498e58 - installed
Developer’s System CE - 9.17.4+5e508f08 - installed
Editor CE - 9.17.4+5e508f08 - installed
Keysight Licensing - 1.2.2+b06a51aa - installed
OpenTAP - 9.19.5+6210d651 - installed
OSIntegration - 1.4.2+15f32a31 - installed
Python - 2.2.0+31a47a25 - installed
PythonExamples - 3.0.2-rc.3+114f90d5 - installed
REST-API - 2.10.1-beta.19+42e6a39b - installed - requires license KS8106A or TAP_RestApi
Results Viewer CE - 9.17.4+5e508f08 - installed
SDK - 9.17.4+ea67c63a - installed
SQLite and PostgreSQL - 9.4.2+3009aace - installed
TUI - 1.0.0+48ed6e30 - installed
Visual Studio SDK CE - 1.2.6+ef0ad804 - installed
WPF Controls - 9.17.4+5e508f08 - installed

About issue, also a colleague of mine experienced it.

Hi @Valerio.Pirrera,

Could you try upgrading to version 3 of the Python package?

Otherwise you should probably remove PythonExamples, those packages are not compatible.

It looks a bit like you have a broken combination of packages. You didn’t get any warnings about this?

Hi all,
thansk again for the reply. I didn’t notice python version was so old, now I have no issue with TUI.

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