TUI Release Candidate

I am very happy to announce that the TUI editor for OpenTAP is now going in RC.

Over the past month or so Progress has been steady on the TUI to get it ready for a release, and today it is moving to feature freeze.

Some of the most exciting new features include:

  • Crash recovery
  • Relative paths when editing properties
  • Expand collapse state is now serialized
  • Multi-select to move multiple steps at a time
  • Tons of new keymapping’s to customize to your liking (you might want to delete your old tui-settings to get the new bindings)
  • Fixed an issue where the user was sometimes bored
  • Edit provider updates (for filepaths, datetimes and more)
  • Support for some of the newest OpenTap features (updated OpenTap dependency to 9.18)

There is still a few bugs to be ironed out, if you find any you can create an issue at Issues · StefanHolst/opentap-tui (

And much, much more.
However it is still the TUI and it is still great.