Which version is displayed in upper right corner of editor?

when starting the Editor (Community Edition) it shows a 9.9.3 in the upper right corner:

I thought that this should be the version of the installed Community edition but after downgrading the package “Developer´s System CE” from 9.9.3 to 9.9.0 the text stays on 9.9.3.

Which version is displayed there?


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This is tied to the version of Developer System, but if you updated through the Package Manager you will likely need to restart for this to update.

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No, a restart of the Editor does not change the displayed value of the version of installed Developer System.

Because of the way the dependencies work you aren’t changing all the related packages by updating this way. So, if a version existed already it would have stayed. It’s probably best to run the full installer to stay in sync.

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