WPF Control 9.23 Caught unhandled GUI error


After I update WPF Control from 9.17.5 to 9.23, I got “Caught unhandled GUI error” when add test steps.

I searched the forum, some one say they fixed this issue, could you help confirm?
Thank you.

From what I can tell the answer is to keep it matched to the version of the Editor package you are using.

Editor is at 9.23.0 and presumably works with WPF Controls 9.23.0.

Editor CE is still at 9.17.5 and, from what I’ve seen, only seems to work correctly with WPF Controls 9.17.5.

I agree with @Jim_B . For CE edition you’ll have to stay with 9.17 for WPF. I had the same issue in the past and that was the only solution.