Downgrade EditorX

Is there a way to cleanly downgrade EditorX?

I recently updated to 1.6.1, but I’ve noticed quite a few problems I did not have before so wanted to downgrade to be sure they are just with EditorX?

I tried just downgrading the package to 1.5.0 which is what I was previously using:
tap package install “Editor X” --version 1.5.0

Unfortunately, the problems still remain, so I guess some of the dependent packages are not downgraded along with EditorX?

The main problem I am having is lots of “Error during Test Step Run Start for NatsResultListener” errors and the pass/fail status for tests that have run is not being updated. The test time indication for a test that has finished also keep incrementing even after the run is complete.

Aside from sifting through the dependency packages that may have been updated is there a way to downgrade or would it just be quicker to un-install and start with a clean installation?


Hi @wittrock,

My immediate thought is that you probably need to downgrade the runner package also. You can check the editor x package here to see its other dependencies: Package Repository

Can you share a bit information about what went wrong? Maybe an error message or stack trace?