Offline OpenTAP (and Python SDK) installation on Ubuntu

Is it possible to install OpenTAP offline on a Ubuntu system?
I understand there are multiple base components required like .NET core before I can run OpenTAP. I was wondering if it is possible to set up an offline system from scratch to run OpenTAP. For my use case, I only need to be able to run pre-developed TestPlans.
I do not have the option to enable internet connectivity on that system

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Hi @nav_dhillon, this is for sure possible. There is nothing preventing you from being offline, except if you need to download some packages that you don’t have locally.

It might of course be quite cumbersome to actually install everything without an internet connection, but that has nothing to do with OpenTAP :slight_smile:

Are there any specific concerns you have in mind?

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Thanks for the response, @rolf_madsen
Yes, I guess my question had less to do with OpenTAP itself but having a straightforward (or at least reliable) path to installing dependencies for OpenTAP determines my ability to deploy it. It is a common use case where systems in production environment are not connected to internet.
To be more specific, do you have a documented approach to setting up an offline barebones Ubuntu based system to run OpenTAP (just execution of already developed test plan using Python)?

  1. Any assumptions OpenTAP installer has such as export paths or .NET Core installation files location that I need to do manually when installing offline?
  2. Online installation of components usually automatically resolves dependencies but that’s not the case for offline installs. Anything I should be aware of outside of libc6-dev libunwind8 unzip git curl for a successful setup?

Hi @nav_dhillon, we don’t have any instructions specifically for this. The list of required software should be here: Getting Started | OpenTAP

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@rolf_madsen : Okay, thanks. I’ll give offline install a try and see if I can make it work