Package Manager Error: JSON value

I get an error in Package Manager. JSON value is too large and not supported.

Due to this I can’t install or uninstall plugins. I can do it in the CLI but not anymore in the Package Manager UI. Any idea what is wrong?

I’m getting the same exact issue. Can’t install or uninstall by default.

To uninstall, you can go to Settings and unlink the package repository. This will allow you to then uninstall packages because the error doesn’t happen.

But it seems like as more packages got added to the website, the data from the package repository grew too large for the JSON code. Must have been trying to do it all in one chunk instead of splitting it into smaller chunks is my guess.

@tomderyck, @shockhouse, thanks for highlighting the issue!

@shockhouse , are you also using Editor CE 9.17.4?

You should be able to uninstall and install from the command line until the issue is resolved.

KS8400 9.22 Package Manager is working ok for me today, as a datapoint.

@rolf_madsen Yes, I am using 9.17.4.

@rolf_madsen Yes, I’m using CE Edition, 9.17.4.
It’s correct that from CLI installing and uninstalling works.

@shockhouse Thanks for the tip of unlinking the package repository in Settings :+1:

Hi all,

Sorry I’m late to respond here. The package manager performance in Editor CE was significantly degraded a while ago due to a bug which causes it to use a (slow) legacy method for querying the package list. Due to a recent regression in the repository, the legacy method no longer works.

I have just released a patch of Developer’s System CE (9.17.5) which fixes the bug so it uses the correct method. After updating, you should experience significant performance improvement compared to before.

Thanks for bringing this up!