Prevent multiple Editor instances

It there a way to stop users from opening multiple Editor instances?

Our test system PC running the Editor can have multiple users, and we have found problems when each user has an instance of the Editor running. Each user can make edits to the Bench settings that can have undesirable consequence, i.e. one user makes edits that are not seen by other users running a parallel instance.
Can the editor check to see if an instance is currently running and if so only open in a read-only mode?

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Hi @jason.hicks today the Editor is not really setup to support multiple simultaneous users, so a feature like that doesn’t exist.

There are a couple different options:

  1. Multiple Bench Profiles are supported, so users could have their own

  2. The XML files that are part of the bench profile can be distributed with a plugin, so installing the plugin can enforce the proper versions of all files.

Would any of those options work? If not I would recommend submitting a feature request to the R&D team here:

I should say we have also looked at some locking concepts, but they have been more focused of the Test Plan and not the Bench Settings, so it’s possible we could make that a broader full Editor concept.

Cheers Brennen
I’m not really concerned about multiuser use but it would be good if could block multi instances.

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