TUI for the win

Hi @mullr per chat the other day, it’s awesome you’re getting value out of the TUI, and using as a core piece of your solution. If you’re willing to highlight for all to see, I know @stefan.holst in particular would be excited to see how you are using it, it was his vision and side project. I’ll coordinate a demo with you and Nathan in December for live chat, but in meantime maybe there’s some stuff here.

And if you want to poke around at the source, or even get involved in the project, add issues/feature requests, etc:

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This is awesome :smiley: It so exiting to see the TUI being used… Let me know if there’s any thing related to the TUI I can help with :smiley:


Great things are coming…


@stefan.holst i see you have used the British :uk: spelling organization :wink:

Go TUI, go!